SDG Daycare-Preschool Program

OneStep, TwoSteps, Three! Kiddie-to-Youth Havens

Concept Creators: Gina Ball and Jonathan Monroe  

Organizational Structure:

OneStep, TwoSteps, Three - Kiddie-to-Youth Havens will

operate daycare centers, serving up to 75 children, each. The overall

program will care for children in five age categories, from birth to age

thirteen. The age categories are: Birth to two; three to five; six to eight;

nine to eleven; and, twelve to thirteen.

It will be the responsibility of each center to develop age-appropriate programs that promote holistic - especially educational - development and

that enhance the child or youth's self-esteem.

During center operations, daily activity schedules shall be posted in each

classroom. In addition, each center director will be responsible for

conducting a continuous quality control program to measure the quality of

services to children, performance of staff, and overall effectiveness of the

program, itself.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the center for each and every child is to:

  • use praise and recognition, etc., to promote positive self-esteem;
  • encourage cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development;
  • allow each child to learn and work at a level that is comfortable;
  • focus on the learning process of each unique child;
  • strive for the methods needed to develop his or her best ability;
  • respect and cherish each child as if she or he is our own;
  • be genuinely happy for all accomplishments Haven children make.
  • Community Service

Each OneStep, TwoSteps Three Haven will take on the responsibility to act

as an extension of the home by providing a safe and nurturing environment

for the children in its care. Centers will strive to work in partnership with

the family in the process of raising children.  

All OneStep, TwoSteps Three! Havens will offer a versatile program of

open-ended process oriented activities suitable for children's

developmental level and interest.

It will be the objective to make parents feel better about leaving their child continuous care of each individual child and their individual needs. 

OneStep, TwoSteps Three Havens are committed to providing quality

programs to the children in our care. 

Each Haven aspires to meet the needs of each family, financially, by

offering a program that is affordable, high quality, and flexible.

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