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History of SEED Develpment Group

Socio-Economic Empowerment through Democracy (SEED) Development Group, Inc., was incorporated in New York City as a nonprofit organization on October 3, 1995.  During the late 1990s, SEED Development Group established an office to serve communities in the Binghamton-to-Syracuse area of upstate New York.  This office was centrally based in Dryden, NY. Between 2012 and 2016, SDG maintained research operations in Bayonne, NJ.  SDG operations moved to Syracuse New York during January 2017.
SDG came into being - and remains - for the following reasons:

Quoting from out Mission Statement:

SDG's Mission is "to provide non-profit community development organizations that serve indigent individuals and communities with specific tools that enable their constituents to become viable, self sufficient entities." Also known as SDG, activities of the corporation are limited to those permitted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended.

Some Facts:

  • SDG existed but was operationally dormant from 2000 through 2011.  
  • The company maintained its "Active" status with New York State during that period.
  • SDG incorporated as a non-profit in New Jersey during December 2012. 
  • From December 2012 through December 2016, SDG operated with 501(c)(3) status in New Jersey and remained "Active" in New York State.
  • From January 2017, SDG has been operating from Onondaga County, NY.

More Information

For more information, please view our Mission, Philosophy, Vision, and Key Personnel sections.  

For a listing of the six projects that comprise SDG's operational system - see The SEED Program section. 

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