SDG'S Mission


Mission Statement

SEED Development Group exists to provide non-profit community development organizations that serve indigent individuals and communities with specific tools that enable their constituents to become viable, self-sufficient entities.

In this endeavor, the Corporation is dedicated to:

  • the empowerment of local people in determining their own affairs in the workplace, in the political arena, and in their respective community lives;
  • the development and maintenance of facilities to nurture the socio-educational development of birth-5 preschoolers;
  • the development and maintenance of facilities to nurture the socio-economic and educational development of preschoolers' parents from second trimester pregnancy until eligibility for Kindergarten; and,
  • the development and maintenance of residential and employment facilities for developmentally disabled adults.

Through a long-term commitment to implementing our mission, SDG will be

recognized as an empowering community development organization that mixes

compassion and social consciousness with a solid understanding of economic realities.

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Together we Thrive:

SEED Development Group offers a forum for togetherness - 

not disharmony or discord.  

Democratic Institutions Empower!


From the statehouse to the workplace:

SDG offers clients an opportunity to manage and control their workplace Environment.