The SEED Program: Six SDG Projects

From Economic Dysfunction to Socio-Economic Democracy


Democratically Structured Businesses and Non-Government  community Development Organizations Generate a Road to Recovery and Prosperity for Middle America – It is an Empowering Road – One That Goes Right Through the Heart of Main Street.

The non-profit 501 (c)(3) firm Socio-Economic Empowerment through Democracy Development Group, Inc., is also known as SEED Development Group, Inc., and SDG, Inc.  

SDG, Inc., has created the SEED Program, which is comprised of six Socio-Economic Empowerment through  Democracy or SEED projects, projects that were specifically developed to assist people who reside in low-income communities.  Among other difficulties, these communities and their residents suffer from greater-than-average problems of adverse living conditions and poor job-search results.  The SEED Program is not an outside venue attempting to dictate solutions to others.  The SEED program is one that depends heavily on input from within.  As stated, the SEED Program spends its resources to assist!  

Projects within The SEED Program are geared to assist the following target populations:

First, there are training, employment, and other "needs" which require corrective attention.  There are three projects in this category.  Primarily, there is the holistic Operation SEED.  Then, there are the two Operation SEED Socio-Economic Training and Employment or STEP programs, focusing mainly on training and job creation, one focusing on potential employees and the other working in a two generational mode. 

 Second, there are two SEED programs that work for the community as a whole, a SEED Community Centers and a SEED Day Care.  

Finally, there is a Seed program that concentrates on an individual skill set, i.e., reading. 

Below is a listing of the six SEED community development programs.  More information on each program may be found in separate sections within this website.

List of Six Projects that Comprise the SEED Program:

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