SDG's READ Project


READ: Reading, Education, and Artistic Development

Reading, Education, and Artistic Development, READ, is a project of the not-for-profit corporation known as SEED Development Group or SDG. 

This project is implemented using the rarely applied principle of Social Entrepreneurship.  Primarily, READ develops market opportunities for artistically talented people who rarely have access to mainstream distribution outlets, hence Social Entrepreneurship.

In addition, specially chosen READ, and SDG, experts educate the firm’s target population on a myriad of specific subjects. Essentially, these topics are necessary for survival in our increasingly complex society, e.g., understanding constitutional rights. Unfortunately, too many low-income people rarely, if ever, effectively use these rights when forced to deal with authority figures.  

READ uses publishing as the vehicle to achieve one of SDG’s prime goals, the goal of alleviating poverty imposed social problems. The Corporation’s books, other publications, and products are designed to be educational and inspirational.  

Furthermore, READ will serve as a forum and launching pad for unknown writers and other print- and electronic-media artists; originating from many, diverse backgrounds, our clients will include authors, composers, magazine writers, playwrights, and poets. 

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