SEED Program Community Development Project: Operation SEED


Operation SEED

  1. SEED Development Group’s primary Project within the SEED Development Program is a comprehensive, holistic socio-economic community development program called Operation SEED.  Operation SEED is designed to be implemented by a licensed community development agency (CDA) and an accredited institution of higher learning.  

    (For further insight, click on the link to Operation SEED’s pilot project: First STEP)  

  2. Community Development Agency (CDA)-Local Educational Institution (LEI):
    1. The Community Development Agency (CDA) and the Local Educational Institution (LEI), located within (TBA) a targeted indigent community, must have a ission to motivate and inspire through shared values. CDA directors, executives, staff, and volunteers, and LEI faculty, staff, students, and alumni shall be a community that is bonded together by the following common principles: to advance learning and achievement; to strive for excellence in a work or in an academic arena; to engage their talents and knowledge in service to the target community; and to act with integrity and good stewardship.  
      The CDA is broadly defined. It may be an established, nonprofit charitable organization, one that is formed specifically for job creation or one that is devoted to other purposes that impact entire communities; the CDA may take the form of either a private or public entity, secular or religious. The defining factor will be CDA’s commitment to community development and empowerment through job creation, its commitment to creating an atmosphere that motivates individual achievement through personal empowerment, and its acceptance of economic democracy, within the framework of a free market system, as the major vehicle to be utilized to advance development goals.  
    2. The LEI should be or aspire to become a frontier of learning, creativity, and discovery. The LEI department that is designated to act as a major project steward will reinforce this mission through its degree programs and its access to college or university professional centers. Consequently, this LEI department should be an integral component of its parent’s commitment to provide meaningful and relevant education that emphasizes both the intellectual and professional aspects of higher education. The LEI should serve a diverse student population with a broad range of programs that, in addition to instruction, offers service to the community. One such service could be an on- or off-campus affiliation with a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) or other job-creating program. Thus, the SDG-partnered LEI will increase their graduate base from poverty ravished communities.

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