Wisdom to Youth Intergenerational Daycare-Preschool Programs


Wisdom to Youth Daycare & Pre-K Programs

  • Concept Creator: 

Dawn McBride, Executive Director

Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement: 

There  is a Fiscal Sponsorship agreement between Socio-Economic Empowerment through Democracy Development Group, Inc. (SDG), which is recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501 (c)(3), and Wisdom to Youth Intergenerational Centers for Development & Support, Inc. (WTY-IC), a non-profit corporation that is seeking tax exemption with the IRS under Section 501 (c)(3).   Both organizations are incorporated in Onondaga County, New York, both corporations serve the same client populations.

This Fiscal Sponsorship agreement is a pre-approved grant relationship; the party entering into the fiscal sponsorship agreement (WTY-IC) with the fiscal sponsor (SDG) joins as the sponsor’s grantee. Consequently, the work product is owned by the grantee, not by the fiscal sponsor. Accordingly, the grantee firm’s assets and liabilities belong to the grantee, which is responsible for its own tax and filing obligations.  

WTY-IC Organizational Structure:

Wisdom to Youth Intergenerational Centers is organized as a Public Charity, assisting low to low-moderate income families.  The Corporation will operate child-and-adult daycare facilities.   

Within the Corporation’s child daycare center, a Pre-K program will be offered to clients aged 3 to 5.   WTY-IC Pre-K is similar to the offering by Syracuse, NY, Head Starts – employing EPK and UPK publicly obtainable curricula materials.

Primarily, the Corporation is combining child daycare and Pre-K tutelage with specially designed input from retired and semi-retired seniors.  Clients from child and senior populations will blend activities to form a synergy, a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The child daycare, including Pre-K, division of the Corporation will operate as required by the Office of Children and Family Services.

Throughout the school year there shall be several opportunities for seniors to interrelate with Pre-K children. Under the supervision of professional WTY-IC staff, In various classroom and non-classroom activities, these adults will collaborate with and mentor children – hence, Wisdom to Youth.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Wisdom to Youth Intergenerational Centers  for each and every child is to:

  • use praise and recognition, etc., to promote positive self-esteem;
  • encourage cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development;
  • allow each child to learn and work at a level that is comfortable;
  • focus on the learning process of each unique child;
  • strive for the methods needed to develop his or her best ability;
  • respect and cherish each child as if she or he is our own;
  • be genuinely happy for all accomplishments that Wisdom to Youth pre-k and daycare children make;
  • support community service.  

WTY_IC Accepts:

  • the responsibility to act as an extension of the home by providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children in its care.  The Corporation will strive to work in partnership with the family in the process of raising children.  

WTY-IC Offers: 

  • a versatile program of open-ended process oriented activities suitable for children's developmental level and interest. It will be the objective to make parents feel better about leaving their child  continuous care of each individual child and their individual needs. 

WTY-IC is Committed: 

  • to providing quality programs to the children in our care.   The Corporation aspires to meet the needs of each family, financially, by offering a program that is affordable, high quality, and flexible.  

Contact WTY-IC Directly:  

Wisdom to Youth Intergenerational Centers for Development & Support, Inc.

P. O. Box 464 

Camillus, NY 13031 

Phone: (315) 753-2261

Fax:       (315) 320-3156

Email: daycare-operations@wisdomtoyouth.org   and pre-k@wisdomtoyouth.org  

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